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Delete a Page in Publisher — Instructions: A picture of a user deleting a publication page in Publisher. Delete a Page in Publisher: Instructions To delete a page in Publisher , select the page or pages to delete within the Navigation Pane when viewing publications.

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Alternatively , right-click the page to delete within the Navigation Pane. If the selected page contains objects , Publisher also asks if you want to delete the page, anyway. Tagged under: delete , Delete a Page in Publisher , deleting , help , how-to , instructions , learn , lesson , Microsoft Publisher , Microsoft Publisher , Microsoft Publisher , overview , page , pages , publication , publications , publisher , Publisher , publisher , Publisher , teach , training , tutorial , video. About Joseph Brownell.

This is complemented by other subtle interface tweaks that enhance the look of Office The overall look remains the same as Office for Mac but much slicker. The familiar ribbon interface has been retained and now looks exactly the same as on Windows Office for example.

And if you hate the ribbon, as some Mac users still do, you can hide it by clicking on an arrow on the right-hand side. The overall look and feel of Office is tailored to fit the flatter, smoother look of Yosemite and it blends into OS X extremely well.

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Outlook is the biggest disappointment in Office for Mac, still lagging considerably behind the Windows version. Outlook still only supports Exchange and local calendars and requires Exchange SP2 or higher which will annoy those users and companies still using Exchange However, Microsoft has promised to add full support for Gmail and iCloud calendar and contacts sync in future monthly updates of Office for Mac.

Eventually we found the solution was to delete the old Outlook preferences file. If you have the same problem, close Outlook, search for Terminal on your Mac and type: defaults delete com. Press Enter and then type: killall cfprefsd to kill the cached preferences.

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Relaunch Outlook and you should find it works again. If it prompts you to import again, you can skip it because the file will already have been imported previously. Importing large PSTs in general is no better than in previous versions of Office — it just seems to give Outlook a nervous breakdown as it always has done. As with Word, Excel now presents you with the same templates and starting point screen as you get on Windows.

Review: Office 2016 For Mac – A Step In The Right Direction

The big change in Excel for Mac is that it now finally supports the same keyboard shortcuts as the Windows version to help those working between the two platforms. Other than these changes, there are a few more analytical tools but nothing very different from Excel for Mac. Other than these changes, there are a few more analytical tools but nothing very different from When you open a document in Word, the template choices are now almost exactly the same as on Windows which is nice to see. You can add more editors and see how many users are collaborating at any one time by clicking the persona symbol in the top right of the screen.

The other big downer for some users is that Microsoft has removed the Publisher layout view from Word. This was the closest thing you could get to Publisher on Mac as we discussed here along with alternative desktop publishing software for Macs. However, you can instruct Word to make regular backups of your work in the save settings.

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There are a few other new editions to Word such as long overdue support for equations although OneNote still does not and an expandable Styles pane in the top right corner to change formatting more easily. On the plus side, clicking on links in Word is now much better — pages open instantly in your browser instead of having to wait around for ages as in Office OneNote however is the only part of the Office suite that does support auto-save as it was a feature built-in since OneNote was released.

The main improvements in Powerpoint however are mainly aimed at those that want to use it for live presentations. We entered new tasks into Exchange on Office but they failed to sync with Office for some reason which is a major problem if Microsoft expect Mac users to purchase an Office subscription in order to use Office !