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A lab fee required. I suggest you purchase the textbook package from a PHCC bookstore—to get the correct package. E-mail is used for instructor to student communication. You are expected to check your e-mail regularly. Should you be absent from the course for more than one week—I have not heard from you—you could be withdrawn from the course. Therefore, after Lesson 15, NO late assignments will be accepted. Last day to withdraw from this course is June 8, Please check the college catalog for college policies.

Approved Software (Faculty\Staff)

Students may contact me via e-mail or my office phone. Powerful new text-handling capabilities! Text can be attached to a line or used to fill a shape. Edit photos, add text, and create stunning artistic effects with One Click photo editing. Use a photo to fill a shape. Re-color photos with a wide selection of color overlays.

Line Tool Editor: Add points or curves to your lines to create distinct custom lines.

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Guide Manager: Create custom guidelines for any project to easily place text and images or create your own templates for future projects. Drag and drop photos, text and design elements with incredible ease. Robust Headline Tools: Add headlines that make an impact with pictures, 3D depth, drop shadows, outlines, gradients and more Easy to Share: Print at home, email or publish your creation on the web Integrated Professional Printing: Directly order your project from an online photo site to get "store-quality" printed designs shipped right to your doorstep.

These themed packages all work well with Print Shop, and will help you elevate all of your projects to ART! After using this software, specifically for banner making, I wanted to pull teeth. Would ask for a refund. Best way to be described as winning a game of solitare on the computer. I could not work because the ads on the side layered themelves into the work and I couldnt see what I was doing. When I switched to Macintosh, I tried two other programs. It is easy to learn and contains a wealth of graphics. Items from the internet are easy to acquire and put into the project.

Some documents require opening a document from an earlier lesson. You must complete the first document in order to reopen it and revise it later. If an activity requires a data file, the software will automatically open the data file or a prerecorded document. In the textbook, these data files are identified with an icon.

Occasionally, you will be directed to insert a data file.

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Data files can be downloaded from the product website or at Files are organized by module. Open existing document: Choose this option to edit or revise an existing document. A pass can be edited several times unless the instructor has restricted the number of edits. The Total Time on Document represents the time devoted to all edits of the current pass. Print document without error report: This option opens the completed document as a Word document for printing; errors and header information user s initials and exercise number are not identified.

Print document with error report: This option prints the checked document with errors identified. Note tables will not display the extra space that is actually in the file. Compares the document to the solution and records the results. Identifies the open document and any special instructions Accesses Global Help. When the checked document displays, the KPDO Student tab includes commands that enable you to review the explanation for each error, move to the previous or next activity without closing Word, or exit Word. Displays the exercise number and page.

Displays the type of mistakes made. Move to another application without closing Word. Provides access to global help Most Word documents are checked for speed and accuracy. If your instructor has enabled Format Checking, the program will also check format use of Word commands. The checkmark next to the W indicates that the document is checked. Documents such as composition activities are not checked for accuracy only GWAM is recorded in the Lesson Report; unchecked documents do not have a checkmark on the Lesson menu.


Documents with a next to the W are checked for accuracy. If you time out, you will be notified with a caution dialog box and asked to log in again. You will need to wait a short time before log in about a minute. When you are working in Word, your browser is idle; therefore, if you expect to be working longer than an hour on a single document, click Save and Close from the KPDO Student tab and then reopen the document. This action will keep your browser active. No, you must have a high-speed Internet connection.

A direct connection is best. Performance depends on the strength and bandwidth of the wireless connection. How long can I work within one session? You can work for an unlimited amount of time within the software. However, if you leave the KPDO web page idle for longer than 1 hour, you will need to wait a short time in order to be able to log back in. I am not able to log into the software. Because KPDO is hosted on the Cengage server, the program cannot remain idle or inactive on your screen for longer than 60 minutes. The minute time out begins from your last action in KPDO.

MacBook Pro / Air Butterfly Keyboard Issues (Repeating, Stuck, Unresponsive)

The videos and key presentations take too long to load. Use a faster Internet connection to speed up opening lesson parts with graphics. I do not understand why various format errors were marked as incorrect in my document. Can a Word activity be checked if it is not complete? Product Support Questions with your CengageBrain account? Write to Call Mon. Call Mon. This guide will help you get started with e-medsys by providing in depth, step-by-step instructions, created specifically for the student.

This guide will help you get started with The Medical Manager by providing in depth, step-by-step instructions,. Allows You to: Manage your audio conference online using easy point and click conference commands Show slide presentations and graphics to meeting participants Show your desktop to meeting participants. Greetings Keyboard Mastery Keyboarding Students! Teacher: Mrs. Read this syllabus carefully! All rights reserved. Course Goal After. System Requirements. It turns your call into an integrated experience that adds impact.

Chapter 14 14 Sharing Software Sharing a tool, like a software application, works differently from sharing a document or presentation. When you share software during a meeting, a sharing window opens automatically. D2L to Panopto v4. Silverlight, a Microsoft product must be downloaded and.

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This guide will show you how to install and configure the Outlook Plugin on your desktop. Student manuals available at: www. Student Videos Available at: www. Introduction 2. What are the minimum hardware specifications? Requirements 1 3 Customer Start Wizard 3. Online Sharing User Manual June 13, If discrepancies between this document and Online Sharing are discovered, please contact backupfeedback verizon.

Copyrights and Proprietary Notices The information. Windows and Windows Vista are trademarks, or registered trademarks. Angel is the Learning Management System that you ll be using to access your classes. You ll use it to view lessons, submit assignments,. This guide assumes that you have a user account for your Remote Access service.

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Note To obtain a user account, contact. If one is on a Mac and goes to Noetix directly in a web browser, the page is likely. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic,.

Introduction to Word You will notice some obvious changes immediately after starting Word For starters, the top bar has a completely new look, consisting of new features, buttons and naming. This guide assumes that you have a user account on your meeting. A Note on Downloading Directly to. The Bexar County einvoice System is designed to help attorneys submit and track invoices with Bexar County.

With this system, an attorney. Check the email invitation for the URL to the meeting that the.