Dock library themes for mac

Perfect for minimal desktops with a lot of digital noise. Caramba dock comes in dark and silver flavours, with indicators that are kind of like the original, but on close inspection might be even more perfect. Another candy coated dock, Plastic comes in Blue and Ice flavours. While Ice is a little too reflective for my liking, Blue goes well with bright vibrant wallpapers.

Another brilliant double layered dock. I love the way it looks with the Flurry icon set from Iconfactory. Thanks to Joseph for this screenshot. Home About Advertise Contact.

Supercharge Your Mac Dock With These 4 Tools

Hit Save to get the selected picture in place. Next, you might want to come up with an entertaining lock screen message. There, first select the checkbox for Show a message when the screen is locked. This gives you access to the lock screen message setting. Next, click on the Set Lock Message button, type in what you want the lock screen to say, and hit OK.

Then, drag your favorite apps to the Dock from the Applications folder.

You can also reposition the Dock, resize its icons, and set them to magnify to various degrees on hover. Of course, instead of fiddling with the Dock, you could replace it with a third-party app like uBar or DockShelf. Play around with the built-in settings for installed apps to add more personal touches to your Mac.

For example, if you have the Slack desktop app installed, you can brighten up the Slack sidebar with a new theme. Select one of the themes available in the sidebar and click on Default at the bottom of the sidebar to set your choice as the default theme. Here's how to make every app and website on your Mac dark. Read More?

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How about adding a few audio tweaks too? As you can see above, with a little thought, time, and effort, you can make your Mac desktop truly yours. Try these nifty Mac Dashboard widgets to add useful functionality! Read More :. Your email address will not be published. The upshot of this - any many other articles on the web - is that MacOS remains the most boring, unimaginative UI anywhere.

When there are a number of windows open and overlapping, all the top bars look identical so when you click one, it's often one of the ones below that suddenly comes to the front because you couldn't see where one ended and the next began. I wish Apple would stop treating its customers like nitwits who only deserve a one-size-fits-all grey or black - wow! Going by other posts, I'm not the only one. Is there any way to make the borders of windows a little more obvious? Through the years, it has undergone a few major design changes.

Dock library themes mac download

Ars Technica, along with others, have raised interesting critical points. With recent updates to Leopard, Apple ha re-enabled the level of customization found in previous versions of OS X. It is possible to move the Dock to the left or right of your monitor, and experience a slightly different design. Other options such as auto-hiding and using different minimize effects are still available. Many Mac users prefer to align the Dock to the side of the screen, making the most of the widescreen real estate present on new machines.

A Leopard theme for Tiger

The Dock, as with any OS item, is made up of a collection of different images. As this is a fairly technical operation, several different Dock manipulation tools have abounded which are able to swap the image resources automatically.

Dock library themes mac download

Here is a quick run-down of the main tools available:. Jack Rebel also has a few nice options.

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CandyBar is arguably the most popular option for quickly customizing your dock, so here is a quick walkthrough of the process. Step 1: Download and install CandyBar. Step 2: Head over to Leopard Docks to choose and download a Dock that catches your eye. Step 4: Drag and drop your downloaded Dock resources into the appropriate location on the right hand side. The files in the zip you downloaded from Leopard Docks should be appropriately named to make it obvious which ones to drag where.