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In win xp i hv a proxy software which always promt me to choose a proxy server which i hv previously defined. Telnet,ftp,any internet browser etc. Is there any kind of apps in bt4 which will let me allow to use socks proxy server like the above or nearly above.. Utilizo BackTrack4.

Necesito ayuda para conectar, espero que luego me de la ip. Hey guys, I just want to say thank you for all the valuable information on here. I have learned a lot by just reading. I wanted to wait until I had a really good question to make my first post. I really hope this hasn't been answered already.

If it has, I'm sorry. Must have missed it. I've been googling for hours trying to find a specific answer but I can't find it. Here goes If it is possible, what would be the command for that? I consider myself somewhat of a noob, so please don't assume I know something ; Thank you! For example, all the clients on LAN use someserver as their web proxy. Any ideas what might solve this issue? Hi, I am doing some Pentesting at school with full permission of the target and the school.

I am trying to either exploit it or use social engineering. I would prefer to try and exploit it because that would be more immediate. I looked in the exploit database but did not find an exploit. If either you can point me to an exploit in the database or some other form of exploit I would appreciate it. MITM is an option but I would prefer not to do that as I do not want to try it on a production network even though I am allowed to. Donc je fait ce qui est indiquer, mais le. D'ou cela peut il venir? D'avance merci : Chrno.

Hi Everybody, I'm a fresh member on this community. Just wanted to say hi! Is there a program for Linux that I can manipulate EXE files such as merging and changing icons and file sizes? Everything works great there. Now ive wanted to go to the next level and see how everything works on a domain. So ive set up a small server at home and a domain to log into. I have a client log onto the server. I connect to this client using meterpreter.

So till now everything was jolly. Now when i try to take over the root account or system of the computer that ive exploited i cant migrate to the system. I think it has something to do with the fact the im logged onto the server and not the local account. Any idea on how to compromise the local account?

Or even better the server that the computer is logged into? I kno its a lot to read through, but i appreciate the help.. First off u wanna hi to all members here on the forum first i have been expirmenting with backtrack 4 final installed on my hdd been testing on my own ap for a few weeks first i satrted with gerix cracker and now im doing the attack through konsole like it much better as i can see what actually going on and could adjust packets being sent to get authencated as well as the sec of keep alive packets delay. But which driver would you recomend for me to use for injecting i dont care about going online jus injecting its currently using rtl It drives me mad!

My friend's modem had pass and was hacked with My pass is different, and I have already captured Is this possible? Qui penso che ci sia un problema non avrebbe dovuto crearmi un finestra differente e poi confermare con Y invece e partita senza domandarmi niente e girare cosi all'infinito? C 0x d1ca 0c9b 6aeb fad6 f 5bf4 F Use this packet? Bonjour a tous, alors voila j'ai un probleme j'ai telecharge la machine virtuelle de Backtrack 4 pour VMware sur le site. X, dans les tuto ils demandent et font reference a "rpm2tgz" seulement je ne l'ai pas.

Merci de votre aide a bientot. Je peut lancer ce DVD sans aucun soucis. J'utilise BT4. Egal ob mit BackTrack oder mit Windowsformatierung, ich bekomme diese zwei Parts nicht weg. Par contre en live cd tout va bien Donc y a t-il une solution? Merci de m'aider s'il vous plait backtrack me manque : Merci d'avance! Ho subito immaginato che fosse un problema legato alla mia scheda grafica. Im going crazy here correct me if im wrong but doesnt this cap have all four parts I need? I apply quirk-ich-force-ahci. I just installed BT4 last night and it was working a minute and I did airmon-ng stop wlan0 and I can't get it back up.

I also tried the following commands. Everytime I try those commands it tells me No Such Device. When I do iwconfig wlan0 isn't even showing up. Thanks for the help. I typed: modprobe ath5k then sudo ip link set wlan0 up and it started working again. I don't know if it did it on its own or because that command. Can someone confirm this? Edit 3: Ok scratch that its not working, but it is showing up. Merci Plug.

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Hi everyone, my wireless card is detecting a wireless AP, but when i try to connect its prompting for an SSID which i cannot crack, properties of the AP detected by my card are as follows Security type: Unsecured Radio Type: Tenga en cuenta que vamos a formatear el dispositivo USB y borrar su contenido. Haga doble click en "install.

Lo mismo para el teclado. La pantalla siguiente le permite configurar el esquema de particionado. Reinicie cuando haya terminado. Grub debe permitir arrancar tanto en BackTrack como en Windows. El supuesto es que todo el disco duro todo va a ser utilizado para BackTrack. La siguiente pantalla le permite configurar el esquema de particionado.

El supuesto es que estamos borrando toda la unidad e instalando BackTrack en ella. Hi all, i was getting tired of manually updating software by hand so i made this update script Please let me know what you think about it or have more to add to it. J'aimerais savoir comment configurer BackTrack 4.

I've been playing with beef and ettercap, and I've been able to dns spoof my test machine into clicking on my beef hook, and I get a message in the beef log that a zombie has connected and gives some useragent info about it, but the zombie never appears in the zombie column on the left or in the zombies menu, sometimes localhost will only show up there.

I've had this problem with both chrome and firefox as the victim browser, I get the feeling this is something simple but I can't figure it out, anyone seen this before? I recently purchased a new laptop with an Atheros AR First, I checked that it should be supported. I'm fairly certain monitor mode should work with this card using the ath9k driver. Not really interested in these.

I can view traffic from local PC when connected to my network 3. I cannot view other traffic, even though I have promiscous mode checked in Wireshark. In wireshark prom. Can see plenty of beacon frames still. Cannot view my local PC traffic, obviously, as I am not connected to a network and cannot generate any. Still cannot view any other traffic from other PCs. Yes, I have another laptop and am generating traffic, so I know it exists Next, I thought it must be a driver issue, although I don't think any of the following changed anything up until now, using default BackTrack 4 Final drivers - is it using ath9k?

Seems like it was. So, I proceeded to install latest driver Same results as before. Does anyone have any ideas for my next step? I'm able to put it into monitor mode, and Wireshark doesn't complain in Windows, Wireshark tells me it failed to put device in promiscuous mode , but I just don't see the results My wireless card is set to eth1.

RJ port is eth0. I just need it to be wireless instead of running a cord everywhere. Plz HELP! Thanks, Jon. Hi, I've tried both of this wireless cards and none of them can be recognized by backtrack 4 final version it simply can not be found by system, but when I open in system settings section cales PCI the card is there listed among other pci or agp card.

Does anybody know is there driver that supports these card or just one of these cards. I also want to know does any of this PCI wireless card support wireless injection. Thank you very much. I want to use medusa web-form module to a page that is in https port not 80 and has an expired certificate. I keep getting a message "cannot connect host unreachable" what can i do? Thank you! Good morning! Hello i have one question. My internet connection is by a router, so my public IP address is different from the local one.

XXX [-] Handler failed to bind to 0. Thanks, Mister x. Hi , I have a book in winrar format which is protected with password. It takes a very great deal of time when it is usually used the standard softwares for removing the password , you know. Do you know if exists another way that is faster and more reliable for removing the password? Aireplay va in blocco dopo pochi secondi dal suo avvio, precisamente inizia a ricevere decine di pacchetti e dopo pochi secondi la stringa, quella che si aggiorna indicando il numero di pacchetti ricevuti, si blocca insieme a BT4.

La scheda wifi termina di acquisire pacchetti. Saluti a tutti e complimenti per il lavoro che fate. Hello community! Some guy I know is selling his few months old HP Mini for a funny price of eur and I'd like to buy it, but before I do that, I've decided to get some more information about it's wireless chipset and drivers. That's all I'd like to know and asap, so that thing won't get sold to someone else.. Ciao a tutti, sono da pochissimo entrato nel mondo Linux installando Ubuntu 9.

I am looking to get a new laptop for backtrack.. I am fine with the basic hardware specs of this ram, hd space, etc but I do have some questions i hope you can answer I mainly want to know if it supports usb boot in bios and how it runs on backtrack. Anyone have experience with this? Bei verschiedensten Schwachstellenanalysen, Pentests, Sicherheitsaudits, Nachdem letztes Jahr bereits eine erste Version meines Scriptes zur ersten Grobuntersuchung von Webservern entstand habe ich dieses Script einem kleinen Update unterzogen.

Es wurde auf die aktuelle Backtrack 4 und die aktuelle Metasploit Version angepasst. Usage: Code:. The De-ICE. What do I need? Filename: usernames. Save it :w , exit :q. Filename: shadow exit john. Then save it :w , and exit :quit modprobe capability exit exit ftp Password: tarot ls -a cd.. Hi, I'm thinking about installing BT4 on my eee pc.

How can I partition all to fit BT4 final? Salve a tutto il forum, vi scrivo per sottoporvi una richiesta a livello di tools. Parecchio tempo fa avevo trovato un programma del genere ma non ricordo il nome. Mandava report ogni tot di ore a seconda dell'impostazioni e prendeva totto lo stream di input da tastiera. Nessuna funzione avanzata oltre a questa.

PS:Non vi chiedo di mandarmi il software o di spiegarmene il funzionamento, ci mancherebbe altro, ma di indirizzarmi verso risorse autorevoli. Sincerly, Fandonius :. Dopo aver letto molto su questo forum, ho deciso di iscrivermi. Hi Guys, Precisely regsitered here. I must assent to admitting that this forum is trifling it ooks real cool. I promise I order derive pleasure this. Myself Craig from Houston. I enjoyment the internet and venereal networking sites and ofcourse the superannuated gold forums.

I own a infrequent sites too. Some of which are below. Its easygoing in fact to make sites and pull down some money. If you are interested you can PM me or dispatch here and I inclination examine to help. Salve a tutti, vorrei testare una wpa di alice a 24 caratteri sfruttando john the ripper nel " incremental mode" andando a creare nel file john. Ho gia visto nel forum di aircrack che e' necessario configuare un file di collelagamento con estensione.

Sempre sul forum di aircrack dice anche di dover modificare il file john. Sicuro del vostro aiuto vi ringrazio anticipatamente. I want to use socks5 proxy to accept the date of backlink , how can I set up an IP address which can provide the reverse connection in the fast-track? Now I have an SSH host, how to do it? Look forward to your answer,Thanks.

Buongiorno a tutti!!! Voglio testare la sicurezza della mia rete wireless ho usato bt3 ho un errore "fixed channel rausb0" mi esce questo e poi non compare il mac address solo il bssis Salve a tutti uso backtrack da poco e ho un problema con la jdk di java. Innanzitutto premetto che ho sempre usato fedora e la jdk dopo averla installata funzionava perfettamente allora spiego cosa succede : dopo aver scaricato i pacchetti dal sito della sun, se dovesse servire linko il sito nel prossimo post, e dopo averlo installato nel momento in cui faccio javac file.

Ciao a tutti! Ho letto molti articoli interessanti sullo sniffing, ma la mia scheda wifi intel vede solo il traffico del mio pc. Ho seguito un sacco di guide su internet su abilitazioni di monitor mode o compat-wireless ma le cose non cambiano. Posso risolvere il prblema o devo rassegnarmi? Utilizzo ubuntu 9. Hi everyone, I'm a big fan of these forums and have learned a lifetime of information simply by reading and lurking. I'm an up-and-coming programmer and I wanted to give something back to the community Grim Wepa [v0. The program is available on Google Code at: code.

I am a fan of ShamanVirtuel's work and wanted to see if I could create something similar. GrimWepa does NOT include a fancy new cracking method: It is the same tried-and-true methods that we are all accustomed to aircrack-ng, airodump-ng, aireplay-ng, and the like. GrimWepa merely automates the running of these scripts in an easy-to-use GUI format.

I've only been able to test each option briefly, and some attacks have been completely unsuccessful Chop-chop and Cafe-latte refuse to generate packets on my router. I have posted the source code not to v0. I'm not allowed to post full URLs yet! Some files that are in the. You will also need the app "javac" to compile the source code javac is available in the sun-java6-jdk install package.

For those that don't want to compile themselves, just download the. Forma parte oficial del proyecto KDE. Podemos usar el prefijo: wp en la barra de direcciones que Konqueror, para hacer una busqueda directamente en wikipedia. Konqueror no solo soporta http y file tambien soporta ftp, audiocd , camera entre otros.. En el menu ver podremos personalizar la visualizacion de nuestro Konqueror.. Desde el menu Herramientas podemos acceder rapidamente a utilidades como la terminal, ejecutar comandos y buscar archivos.

En el menu preferencias podemos acceder a configurar con Kequeror y tendremos una ventana como esta: Code: img Kate tiene otras cosas interezantes como por ejemplo en el menu ver, tenemos entre otras cosas la posibilidad de mostrar el numero de linea, esto es util si usamos Kate para programar. Otra cosa es la posibilidad de definir marcadores visuales, esto nos facilita encontrar lo que queremos dentro de un texto tambien es util si lo usamos para programar, para marcar lineas fundamentales del programa,etc..

Eso es todo por hoy :D espero que le halla sido de utilidad a alguien I tried the guide here but everytime I try and install the ati driver I get Reading database Unpacking ati-driver from Replacing files in old package libgl1-mesa-glx Replacing files in old package xserver-xorg-core I tried removing the driver, but it gives the same error.

This happens if I try running this before I startx and afterwords. I've tried installing the backtrack-ati drivers, but same error. N the other hand, l' State authorize WiFi to extend the bonds high flow towards isolated communes.

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There exists possibilities of aggregation band-width de several suppliers access Internet FAI. The objective is more reliability, than the profit of flow. Telegraphic connections if it of a take there precedence over WiFi connections. But in the other cases: - consultation of pages Internet, - remote loading only one among the 4 users, one will not feel difference compared to a solution without division.

The Yves Maguer WiFi web page

Software exists to program the hours to which one prefer to download in the night for example. Into WiFi, the flow of the AP is divided by the number users connected above. The number of users by sold flow, is called it taux of application In ADSL, a nice operator will sell the flow maximum, to divide itself between 20 users, less nice, will sell it with 30 users.

The access Internet in France, costs 5 computers. Today for this price, there is one normal computer. If one changes computer every 5 years, that fact that access Internet costs 5 computers. Le price of the access is one factor determining for the users. Le development of VoIP fact fear with the mobile operators , perte incomes on the roaming … especially if one can to program its own telephone.

To kill competition, the secrecy to bleed the consumer. La Freebox V5 left, and the WiFi telephone which goes with also… on can put besides full with things inside. Linux core 2. In French, program ne se translated not always by software. Triple play it is telephony, Internet, TV. Ca is likely to be socially interesting, if one can use resources provided by private individuals WiFi terminals for to telephone… until or the altruism will go?

One he gave money or one proposed some at least: - courtesy? The roaming , that please say that one passes from one network to the other dans the same one communication. June The question that I am posed, it is: Which will be the maitrise of the user on changement of tarif in the course of conversation? C' is well what I craignais …. Personally, that itches me since to discuss a long time on the telephone with my corresponding by listening to it on hatred Hi-fi, with a microphone in the middle of the part ;-.

For faire remote monitoring. Certain software on mobile devices allows prendre contact with the people connected on the same access point. Me, I await the version which will make it possible to do without the point access to connect itself with its close relations with the clean direction I speak about the close relations; - I. One could then to point its apparatus towards a person and while apputant on one button, to exchange coordinates…. WiFi to the standard The terminals relay of WiFi are the AP, their price is accessible with the private individual.

Idem with the Hz : is the unit of the hertz. Ca measures a frequency, i. Electricity, in France, is delivered with 50Hz. Ca measures one flow numerical informations or data processing exchanged. A flow measure a quantity for a given time. It is about byte English word a second. A byte is a whole of 8 bits. Ca can be bauds a second. The computer knows that the bits which are worth 0 or 1, therefore a bit has 2 states possible perhaps a day onewill codera 5 bits donc 32 possible states.

Connections between computers can to handle tricks which have 4 states possible. Thus one trick can transport 2 bits. The number of states is called the valence. The valence of a bit is worth 2. The valence of the trick of my example is worth 4. And bauds then? The bauds are the tricks of my example. To convert bauds into bits it is necessary to know how much bits are coded in a baud for the connection in question. How one makes? In this case the valence equal 2. K, k : Ca please say kilo, thus if one speaks about Hz.

It is insane not? Thus in my example one can code 2 bits during one time of the frequency one period corresponds to one Hz. But these systems are more sensitive to the disturbances and by consequent le flow reality goes down again in conditions of ground practical flow different from theoretical output. This is true so much so that one prefer to change system of coding when the connection is bad.

It is what explains various possible flows of WiFi according to outdistance. When a WiFi material tries to change system of coding, not badly of bits are lost. It is thus preferable to select manually flow right in lower part. A cell is one equipment WiFi, there is as much as connected users. WiFi It is much, and it is improvable perhaps with All this is true only in the condition of comparing system codings which have same bande passante BP.

The band busy is then the equivalent of the sum of the sections of the pipes used. A pipe is a channel. A canal has une width of bande difference between frequency more high of the channel and the lowest frequency which corresponds with the section of my pipe. For information, the One cannot thus compare spectral effectiveness, que for the same BP. When one arrives at a spectral effectiveness near to 1, it will be necessary to worry about the antennas used. Indeed, les antennas with whorls the omnidirectional ones superimpose them adjacent waves periods of the signal, the Hz, for one even bit.

The antennas which have one dipole, will not have this problem example; the family of the SD One takes as assumption that none system of transmission is not reliable. Thus one sends a whole of bits a byte, or one package of bytes and one checks that they are well arrived. For that one applies before the emission a calculation which gives one key and one sends also the key. With the reception, one still calculate key, it must be equal to the received key.

One can check a byte with a bit additional, that apelle the bit of parity. One can check a package of bytes with bytes additional, that apelle CRC or check sum. The Le a , le b and n concernent it electronics, the others are layers rather software. Japan is passed from 3 to 14, others 8 or more. More there are channels less one has chances to be scrambled mutually in the same geographical area. Parmis the 13 channels available in France, it would be possible to use 4 of them disjoints which does not interfere between them; channels 1,4,8 and 11 , if one takes into account filtering.

Passe-bande in pi constituted of 3 components before the exit antenna? The usual disjoined channels are: 1,6 and The more one is scrambled, the more the flow drops automatically. With the WiMAX , other standards arrive. The increase in the carrier frequency has 4 effects who us interest: 1 the course of the radio waves approaches a line like the light. Disadvantage: one does not circumvent any more obstacles. Diffraction becomes weaker. Diffraction it is when the object which receives the wave becomes small transmitter.

Diffraction in the air, rain, snow. It is for that which I say that of WiFi with one high frequency is better for the city or the interior of the batiments, then that WiFi with more low frequency is better for countryside. I do not know what it is of capacity to cross walls. A priori, I would say that with the increase in frequency, the waves cross better x-rays to do radios of human body. More the matter contains water or metal, more it stops the waves. One needs holes larger than la wavelength for letting well pass the waves. Everyone agrees to say that electronics selected the antenna which receives best, but….

The antennas in question are omnidirectional. That is to say the problem which consists in making an antenna who does not collect that a transmitter, at a given place, with an aim of being it less scrambled by the others. That is to say a part or there are a musical bottom, and two people in the corners. I place a microphone A close to that which speaks, and one other microphone B with the mileu of the part.

By electronics, I calculate the signal resulting from has less B. This signal gives me le speech of has without the musical bottom. It is like that one fact one-way microphones. Finally almost. With our two antennas it is the same thing, except that les waves move with Antennas with 8 branches existent , but not yet for WiFi though.

It d' antennes acts adaptatives intelligent. In this case one does one species of triangulation by treatment of the signal between the antennas and the point distant pour to filter the signals which are intended to him. It would seem that the UMTS will not benefit from this system, already operational in other countries Asian. The treatment of the echo on walls is similar, put at leaves that the wave is shifted much in time, since it course of the larger distances.

Thus one difference of way of 15 meters corresponds to one difference in time of 50 NS 20MHz. Belkin proposes March material incompatible with the future standard Ben non , not since j' have checked! I suspect them to sprinkle also by the cable of food considering that the part transmitting is right with dimensions of food part, finally on my USR My AP continued to function whereas I had disconnected 2 antennas, the guy.

I moved away them one on the 2nd floor, the other with the DRC , once separated from 2 times 25cm of concrete, that calmed. Thus if I in suprime one, then that I gives and that I remove the other, by keeping all environment identical position, orientation, polarization, natural person in the beam of waves, etc. Moreover you can test yourselves! Attention, the diversity mode is a mode of training, it fact of the tests. I thus made an average slipping on 8 measurements several tens of seconds , and I concluded when measurement is stabilized.

Contrary the modes only one antenna are stable as of the first measurements. Ca seems logical, since it has many treatments described above to many measures, to make in mode diversity. Ca please say that it does not suppose the spacing enters les antennas like constant, but which it has an algorithm more complicated. By analogy with the microphones, it is a little like if the one-way one collected the signal of that which speaks A and the 2 omnidiectionnelles ones collected the background noise B.

But the manufacturers, they say Manufacturers protect their secrecies of fabriquation. Moreover the tendency is to be protected moreover in more. The kit of development is communicated only to the partners of Texas Instruments. These partners engage by contract with not to diffuse the kit. The version 5 of WRT54G , did not make it possible to change the software firmware , but maintenant it is possible, without modification of the material. The problem it is that l' antenna is not detachable!! It would seem that the electronics of the AP or the WiFi charts that is to say the same one.

On the other hand the prices differ, and them functions too! In short, there are two types of material: the Another solution consists in programming it material since your computer the PC. When the logiciciels are available AND that the material allows this programming, one can to choose the functions which one wants to make with WiFi. And on does not put the PC on the roof.

Thus an impossible connection according to this simulation, will be really impossible. On the other hand a possible connection ne will be really that if there is no obstruction by buildings or trees. In this case, only the tests will be able to answer with the question. If one sees with the eyes the distant point, it is inevitably not the best case, but ya the strong ones chances so that it goes.

For the interior of a building, the Wiplan software of at Sygmum the company do not exist any more , allowed to simulate the cover of each AP:. But this software is not available any more because it belongs henceforth to the INSA of Lyon, as Guillaume explains it to me Of La Rock, a programmer of Wiplan On the other hand, other software exists:. Example of result:. There are some which treats the wave propagation into 3 dimensions: SimuEM 3D. Le logiciel " Radio Mobile " use data of altitude to simulate connections radio. You will find the data of altitude for your need on geoengine.

To decompress by keeping the repertories. Y it has ancestors of WiFi in France? Yes, of the networks radio operator amateurs already in place MHz for 9. Les Russians concluded from it that their ancestors laid out already it there is years old of a network of copper wire. The Americans, to make good measure, have also proceeded with excavations in their basement until one depth of m. They found glass fibre remainders there. It proved that they were approximately years old. The Americans concluded from it that their ancestors laid out already years ago of a glass fibre network numerical.

And that, years before the Russians! One week later, in Belgium one published it official statement according to: Following excavations in the Belgian basement until a depth of m, the Belgian scientists do not have anything found whole. They concluded from it that the Former Belgians laid out already it there is years old of a Wifi network. FL inside , C omme that one : and here with a pigtail U.

FL need for a point of adhesive. Attention with the mechanical brittleness of assembly!! The P. E is the radiated isotropic power equivalent. Thus for the same power sent by the cable pigtail , an one-way antenna will have WORSE 20 times higher with omnidirectional.

Precisely dBi mesurent this faculty to pass the waves in air. One uses a coupler to have a adaptation of impedance 50 ohms and not too many losses. If one does not fear the illegality, one can also put one WiFi amplifier on each side of the connection. With a little more work, on can make 10dBi with 7 whorls, oubien a 14dBi 9 whorls at a cost of almost 10euros without to count madeleine and the end of chocolate; -. The apparatuses which are on the same frequency or at frequencies harmonics. A harmonic is a multiple frequency of one another frequency of which the division of largest by more small an entirety gives.

The tool to observe if the frequency is free be called one analyzer of spectrum, but it costs an arm and a leg! On channels 8 with 11, one a normal use of WiFi beacon interval of ms sees. Then we left to fish… and we found one beautiful LINE: - a frequency with MHz which sprinkled until bell-tower of the church: After a psychological pressure exerted by Sylvain on owner of the hovel, it is proven that our jammer consisted of a camera with video offset, which is not perhaps not approved in France, if it comes the USA mW.

A solution temporary? If the parasitor persists, it will remain to determine if it exceeds the French standards with to see with the ANF, euros of fine. If it is not the case it does not remain any more which has to pass in La bandage 2. To have an idea of the quantity of use of the waves radio, look by exemple among Belgians. It is thus judicious to use the twisted pair for to bring the food. I was made have, when I have cabled that, that did not go. Explanation: my Ethernet cable made 25m one has right with 60m.

Like the food deliver 4. Alors what to make? Like the consumed current do not vary, it is not the sorrow to seek to control tension with 4. There, c' is sure that it goes , since there remain 4. The risk is to bring parasites 50Hz on wire of data, but like the current is weak there is chances that it goes. A bad food should have with the conk one output of 0. For v, that made a current of: 5. Which solution to choose? It is you which see!! I have values on average with 3ms The players in network will appreciate!! Syntax is: ping xxx.

The order ping is used to know if a machine is present on Internet network. The router must to be configured to function. The MAC address is closely related to serial number of the material Ethernet network. I point out that WiFi is initially of Ethernet. L' addresses IP xx. If you bought one fixes, it is single with world. By against those which one not bought fixed d' IP, and which in choose one randomly, can take of them one which has summer bought by someone else, and can, one day, to enter in conflict with this one. Of or interest to ask one of them re-used. The FAI, the companies, that avoid to them to have time of calculation and of the flow network dedicated to part of re-use.

The MAC address is coded on 6 bytes, that fact 48bits. This makes it possible to allot a single number to each material network. When one puts this material in the computer, this one goes to charge with finding one IP corresponding to the MAC opposite correspondence stored in a table is made by protocol ARP. For that, it will ask all them computers same bit, by a request which speaks with everyone broadcast in English. The computer with which one programmed this function will answer in broadcast the computer which has fact the request, by a value d' IP.

Attention, if there are several computers which answer, it is fastest which gives l' IP!! Function DHCP is hierarchical. The equipment which sees 2 bits must have 2 MAC? This solution is not certainly not the good one. It held there: For example, by convention, one give Ca is called the NAT. I would speak again about it. Yes, but I did not buy d' IP me!

It is something which expresses the size of under network and which is the range of its IP. Bytes or bits of the mask who are to 0, correspond to possible of under network, them bytes or bits to 1 correspond to what is not not under network outside, Internet. The 1 is on the left, them 0 on the right Example: the There exists another notation of the mask, added with the IP: ww. For the One applies the mask to l' destination, for to determine towards or to send the packages of bits.

The interest of the mask is to identify if one IP of destination is under network or not. If the destination is in under network even bit , one sends it directly with the ordi recipient, if not one sends the request towards the ordi which is connected with Internet footbridge. For example To have one addresses IP, that is enough? There are more qualified people who expliquent all that better that me. Explications with captures of screen Windows Les routers between FAI are localised in Paris. This increases the ping in province and limit unnecessarily it flow with Paris and especially the flow province-province.

NOT, the AP are conceived to be used in interior with this day. There are 2 problems with to solve: the bad weather rain, wind and the temperature. After placehaving placed it in front of a ventilator, it east went back to to function.

Manuel de la LiveBox Sagem (fichier pdf) - Aide Windows et Internet

Ca it also protect from the rain. I do not have fear for cold, because it consumes 4W and that is enough with to protect from cold when it functions. The short period of omnidirectional aerial which exceeds large tube, is enough to sprinkle all the house 2 stages. I explain: While launching navigator Internet to go to config. And there, it does not make any more connection with another material wifi. Solution: do not laugh , you disconnect it to you put with the regrigerator during half an hour, you replug and it remarche until one cuts to him the v. Attention external cables especially in v do not have to move under the influence of the wind.

The AP heat already of 4 Watts constantly. If not, certain AP conceived to function in outside commencent to appear at DLink. D' others ici. Les waves they is bad for health? OUI , it is clear! On the other hand it should be known that it vient some du cosmos since the ground and the human one exist.

Thus all is question of quantity. With equal surface, the more one is near, the more one collects waves. The fichier is disponible , if you want to test values. Before criticizing WiFi, suivez these recommandations concernant the cellphones. For me the essential one is: To always use the pedestrian kit delivered with your telephone. On peut lire dans la skyblog piratage. Pour n'importe quel professionnel de l'informatique j'ai bien dit professionnel c'est hallucinant. Douze exactement:. Ce sujet n'est pas nouveau, mais je souhaitais revenir dessus. Remarquable, mais totalement inutile.

Non je parle de quelque chose de beaucoup plus simple. Un exemple? Vous voyez ce qui arrive avant "torrent"? Pourquoi c'est sans risque? Ils ne savent pas comment s'en sortir, alors ils frappent un peu partout pour voir ce qui marche. Vous vous souvenez d'Acacia? Et il ne cessent d'attaquer. Suivez mon. Patate chaude -. Mais: de quoi, et comment? Vaste question. La TV? C'est magnifique. Retour sur ZeroBin -. C'est une bonne chose. C'est bien. Ils sont donc "aveugle" face au contenu de ZeroBin. Il est donc actuellement impossible de rechercher dans ZeroBin avec un moteur de recherche, et c'est une excellente chose.

Certains attendent encore la coloration syntaxique ou la protection par mot de passe. Il y a encore du travail. Tant pis! Mais je ne le ferai pas, sauf sur injonction judiciaire. Merci le W3C! En il y a 7 ans! L'hypocrisie d'Apple Are you fucking kidding me? Vous allez voir, il n'y a pas besoin de diffuser des images de Christine Boutin avec un comcombre dans le cul chevauchant une licorne pour se faire jeter du service: depicts nudity of any sort including full or partial human nudity or nudity in non-human forms such as cartoons, fantasy art or manga.

Si vous voulez re-poster une information qui vous semble importante, c'est interdit. You will not use any form of automated device or computer program that enables the submission of postings without the express written consent of Microsoft Corporation. Dans le contrat Windows Live on peut lire: We also don't control, verify , or endorse the content that you and others make available on the service. Mais non: Dans la charte de bonne conduite , on peut lire le contraire: Microsoft reserves the right, at its sole discretion, and without any obligation to do so, to review and remove user-created services and content at will and without notice, and delete content and accounts.

Pouf pouf. Alors, Microsoft surveille le contenu ou pas? Ce n'est pas mon habitude de faire des billets de ce genre, mais peu importe. Tout va bien. Allez, au trou les journalistes. Les USA saisissent encore des noms de domaine. Si c'est un. Laissez-moi rire. C'est aussi grave que dealer de la drogue? Balai dans le cul fourni en option. Quand est-ce qu'ils comprendront qu'ils sont les prochains? Quel con.

Redémarrer le routeur Sagem Fast 3304 de Maroc Telecom sous GNU/Linux, avec un script shell

Comme quoi il ne faut pas confondre culture et intelligence. Le Pakistan cherche outil de censure massive. Faire propositions. L'inde continue dans sa surveillance et sa censure. Pour chaque individu sur le territoire. Quelle crise? Ah oui! La crise c'est pour le peuple. Les grands journaux veulent aussi leur taxe sur les FAI. OpenStreetMap a le vent en poupe Les informations concernant les sens de circulation, les pistes cyclables, sentiers, etc. GeoPortail n'a aucune indication commerciales restaurants, etc. Comment est-ce possible? Mais dans tous les autres cas, l'ordinateur est bien en mal de stocker la valeur.

Vous pouvez tester en ligne avec ce petit convertisseur. EDIT : Voir ci-dessous. Sous Linux: Voulez-vous installer un malware? C'est irrationel. Ou pas. Avec les temps qui s'annoncent, on va devenir de vrais moines copistes Il semble qu'elle soit utilisable sans connexion. J'attends sa sortie pour tester. Mouais pas mal Cette huile est interdite en Europe et au Japon. Et paf.

Chez Le Hollandais Volant, la censure ne passera pas. On voit les photons se propager. Fournissez le. Limites: 10 Go par jour. Assange a raison, finalement. LibrePlan est un gestionnaire de projet en ligne libre. Cette histoire avec MegaUpload me fait bien rire. C'est bien que MegaUpload ne se laisse pas faire. Notez que cette option ne sera pas active si vous avez souscrit une liste comme EasyList FR. C'est bien comme initiative. Un peu comme l'affaire du MP3. Tout cela n'a rien de virtuel. Ah bon? Il est capable de faire des transitions espace-terre.

Pas mal! C'est trop bon. Et c'est couteux en terme de temps processeur. J'aime vraiment l'esprit KISS. Paul Da Silva le sait bien. De l'indispensable devoir de rire , juste un texte de Ploum. Maintenant faites votre devoir. Il faudra suivre ce projet. TMG veut bloquer Telecomix. L'industrie de la culture voudrait avoir le droit de bloquer n'importe quel site sur demande. OWNI nous offre une belle carte mondiale des entreprises qui vendent des solutions de surveillance aux dictatures. Ce n'est pas une entreprise, mais une association. Chouette, non? Casser du MD Je ne reviendrai pas sur cette affaire du Fultagor.

Visiblement on ne gaspille pas assez de cycles CPU. Non merci. Encore une fois, merci UFC-Que choisir. Sauf qu'ils vont piquer le fric Y'a du lourd. On ne voit pratiquement aucun artefact.

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Ah les merveilles du photoshopping cliquez sur les boutons "Toggle". Oh tiens, Everquest 2 est maintenant en free-to-play via accentgrave. Le radar qui flash le camion Je suis mort de rire. Barbara, es-tu parmi nous? Sauf que c'est un petit mouchard. Coucou, Barbara? Tiens donc L'esprit de Barbara est parmi nous.

EDIT 29 nov. Donc: Blog anonyme avec G. Pipo ou pas pipo? Pourquoi est-ce que le fait de voir "7z" dans le nom me semble bizarre? Je n'ai pas le temps de tester. Bien vu. Merci pour vos contributions. C'est un freeware pour Windows, Mac et Linux. Programming, Motherfucker - Do you speak it? La raison? Tant mieux. C'est absolument lamentable. Encore chez Reflets. Ne prenons pas ce chemin. Bah pouah C'est pas brillant. Ou comment Apple peut se permettre de plomber totalement le business de quelqu'un, sans s'expliquer. Oh tiens, bien pratique: MicroApache : C'est un package Apache 1. C'est portable.

Et si vous voulez Apache 2. On peut difficilement faire plus minimaliste. Pratique pour se faire un petit serveur web sur le pouce pour faire des tests. Mais les auteurs ne sont pas contents du gameplay. Le concept? C'est de la folie. Cher Google, plus frais ne veut pas dire plus pertinent. Un peu dans l'esprit TED. C'est assez hallucinant. L'Oregon suspend la peine de mort. C'est beau une civilisation qui progresse. Woao, trop fort. Vrac du vrac : Le plus petit moteur V12 au monde. Un petit calendrier est accessible par le lien en haut de page. Mouhaha Soit le blocage total du site de partage megaupload en entier, par exemple.

On va bien rigoler. Je pouffe. Les FAI, un peu moins. Je l'avais dit , hein? On verra Zuckerberg n'est pas assez riche. Et mon cul, c'est du caviar? Quoi, ils ne sont pas contents, ils n'ont pas obtenu leur petit blocage dns? C'est pas grave! Je suis mort de rire: Ils n'ont jamais entendu parler du l33tspe k? Ils vont rapidement apprendre. Et personne n'avait rien vu. Il y a des patrons qui abusent. Un stabilisateur d'appareil photo pour moins d'un euros? C'est possible!

Paypal propose l'envoi d'argent via Facebook? Mais ils attendent quoi pour faire un service qui marche? Le plus impressionnant, c'est le nouveau moteur de rendu, Cycles. La classe. J'ai fait des victimes. En effet, je ne comprend pas. Et hop On ne le dira jamais assez: Faites des backups! Oh tiens, un clone opensource de Sonic. Ne vous laissez pas faire: Refusez de fournir ces documents. Allez-y, censurez cette nouvelle URL, je la re-publierai ailleurs. Mais comme on dit "Devil is in the details". Alors, quelle est l'astuce? Un truc dans la licence? Vraiment pas brillant!

Cette fois, ils demandent directement le blocage DNS!


Bloguer selon son instinct chez Maniac Geek. A mort le politiquement correct. Technique: Ah tiens C'est le concours de source C le plus illisible. Il faut dire qu'ils font des choses assez impressionnantes. Il est hors de question que Google ou tout autre fournisseur de service puisse me mettre en danger.

Tant que j'y suis, corrigez aussi les failles de Flash, Shockwave et Java avec ninite. En prime, la plupart de ces sites mettent des liens pour acheter la musique en ligne. Enfin bon Cette affaire ne pourra pas passer sous silence. Les poules ont encore des dents. Bon je ne dis, pas: C'est bien.

Mais c'est un peu tard, non? Que de souvenirs Tiens le concept de testapic. Et il y a de quoi faire. Internet powa! Il y a de quoi faire des cauchemards. Au fait, Minecraft 1. C'est pourtant un produit de niche. Enough said. Interview de Bluetouff et Kitetoa de reflets. WeeCod , un logiciel Il y a eu une perturbation dans la force le 7 novembre. Un bon article chez Reflets. Les connecteurs non-standards sur ses appareils Jamais entendu parler de l'USB???

Bannissement de tout ce qui parle de la concurrence Trop de politiquement correct , tout en ayant divers cadavres sous le tapis. Adieu Wikipedia CaCaCa. Allez, et merci pour le poisson! En vrac 37 Blop. Merde, il va falloir se balader avec des cages de Faraday portables pour avoir la paix? Oh pfou Les vendeurs de DPI sont sur le pied de guerre. On sait aussi que pour eux, chaque microseconde compte. C'est vraiment un jeu dangereux. Encore des chiffres sortis du chapeau. Le co-inventeur du langage C et d'Unix est mort. Oh mince, Google va fermer Google Code Search.

Quoi, j'ai dit une connerie? C'est pour les stats? Bien pratique. En prime, il semble aussi fonctionner avec SQLite. Je suis admiratif. En vrac 36 Au secours! Voici le compte-rendu du jugement. C'est lamentable. Ils veulent quoi? Que Sarkozy nous "civilise" internet? Sauf les entreprises faisant des sondages, de la prospection politique ou caritative. Mouais, je pense que certains vont essayer de filouter.

Pas mal. C'est rudement bien! Il utilise plusieurs bases. Non mais sans blague. Excellent accueil de la part des internautes pour mon petit logiciel Shaarli. Je comprend le besoin des entreprises, mais encore une fois cela sera bien commode pour faire taire les personnes qui informent des magouilles d'une entreprise. Prenez Freenet. Ou prenez TOR et allez poster sur pastebin. Un fait divers: Une femme tue par inadvertance son mari. Donc: 1 Ne jamais avoir d'arme chez soi.

C'est un ex-utilisateur de Famas qui vous parle. Office, tous les services "Live", y compris Hotmail, SkyDrive Encore des failles dans Flash. Il faut encore patcher par exemple en passant par Ninite avec ce lien. En tous cas, Adobe se bouge pour garder Flash en vie. La concurrence est rude. Merde aux pauvres. Votre smartphone est une passoire. Chez Apple, avoir Skype sur votre iPhone permet de vous piquer tout votre carnet d'adresse. Et moi je peux faire couper la connexion internet du journal "Les DNA" s'ils me piquent un article? Mais bon c'est mieux que rien. Vous vous souvenez de mon billet sur la bouffe?

Enfin un peu d'espoir contre cette terrible maladie? Pour humains. Oui, moi aussi j'ai un gros WTF??? Existe aussi en bookmarklet. Google-les-grandes-oreilles Non merci. Adieu Delicious, Diigo et StumbleUpon. Salut Shaarli! Je peux ajouter une description et des labels. On peut consulter les liens par page ou par labels.

Je peux changer le comportement du logiciel comme je veux. C'est beaucoup plus rapide quel la plupart des services similaires. Non vraiment, c'est trop gentil. Bah, l'argent n'a pas d'odeur, hein? Alcatel, Amesys, BlueCoat Le code source d' Accumulo est fourni, il serait donc mal venu de leur part de planquer des backdoors dedans. Oui, on vous paie pour pirater le PC de Mme Michu. La Belgique, seulement 20 dollars. Conseil: Ne piratez pas de logiciels. Par exemple, ne piratez pas Photoshop, prenez Gimp.

Ne faites aucune confiance aux coffres que vous trouvez dans les chambres d'hotel. On est jamais trop nombreux pour lutter contre ces connards de spammeurs. Des scientifiques ont mis au moins une mixture capable de rendre les cellules vivantes transparente. Tous les joueurs de Minecraft attendent avec impatience la version 1. Moi j'aimerais bien que Notch ajoute ce shader dans Minecraft. Je passe beaucoup trop de temps sur Urban Terror. Vaste blague. En vrac Dur dur, le lundi matin. Merci SFR, c'est la classe! Le site vitrine de la France france.

Et Wolfenstein? Il semble toujours banni. Le site Kernel. C'est dommage. Dommage, car Google en profite pour remonter ses tarifs. C'est beau, le cloud, hein? Allez, c'est assez pour un "En vrac". Anti-Microsoftisme du jour En vrac Pas le temps de souffler. Oui, encore un "En vrac". Bof bof. Je leur souhaite bon courage. Vous connaissez worth C'est assez amusant. Je n'ose pas imaginer le prix. Vrac du vrac : La lampe-torche la plus puissante au monde. En vrac Et hop C'est une affaire de plus dans ce bordel que sont les CA.

L'argent n'a pas d'odeur, hein? Et Reflets. Les droits expireront en On peut trouver des visages dans notre quotidien. C'est aussi ce qui fait voir des visage sur Mars ou le visage de Marie sur un sandwich. Le niveau est vraiment lamentable. Baladez juste la souris sur la feuille, le logiciel fait le reste.

Je dois dire que c'est pas mal du tout. Vrac du vrac : C'est monstrueusement kitsch. Non attendez, y'a pire. Mon cul. Et merde. EDIT : Erreur de ma part, j'ai lu trop vite. Je ne peux qu'approuver. Gros FAIL. En plus de join. Tirer d'abord, discuter ensuite. Il essaie de nous refaire Final cut? Oh cool! Le co-auteur de Portal va sortir un nouveau jeu: Quantum Conundrum. Woao via Le Hollandais Volant.

En vrac Ok Bien fait! Le Web 2. C'est Richard Stallman qui alerte. C'est sur le wiki. Mais maintenant ce sont les smartphones qui en sont victimes.

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  • Ils n'ont pas fini de nous faire chier. Technique: Malekal montre comment watermarker toutes les images d'un site d'un coup en utilisant un script php et les rewrite-rules d'Apache. Technique: Amusant. La bonne nouvelle est qu'ils viennent de recevoir un financement de 10 millions de dollars. Google tient vos documents, vos mails, vos recherches, vos DNS