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Fleetwood Mac, which first formed in , has been plagued by behind-the-scenes romantic and creative tensions among its members and a shifting line-up over the years. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. Thursday, August 15, Entertainment Music. All Sections. Lindsey Buckingham Image Credit: AP Guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and his former Fleetwood Mac bandmates have settled a lawsuit he filed after he was axed from a tour, the musician said in a television interview that aired on Saturday.

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Special Report. Mika Singh banned from Indian film industry. In fact, for all their personal turmoil over the past few decades, they've always come together for the music. They may not have been speaking with each other at times, but what they had to say they said in song. And luckily for us, that meant great classics that made Fleetwood Mac one of the biggest-selling, most popular bands of all time. Lindsey Buckingham was our first interview at his beautiful home in L. He has his own recording studio beneath his garage so we set up there for the interview.

Lindsay's about to turn 60 next month but married for the first time 10 years ago and has three young children. A few of them popped their head in on the interview after getting home form school.

You can tell Lindsey is loving being a dad, as much as he loves playing his music. He rightly has been hailed as the creative force behind Fleetwood Mac, especially the 'Tusk' and 'Tango in the Night' albums. After the interview, Lindsey was good enough to pull out one of his many guitars and play us two songs, 'Never Going Back Again' and 'Big Love".

He plays beautifully and, as many of his fans know, has enjoyed a successful solo career away from Fleetwood Mac. Well Lindsey wrote and performed the film's catchy theme song "Holiday Road".

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Our next interview was a little way down the road in an equally nice area of L. And what a host she was, an open kitchen, fresh sandwiches, anything you wanted. Lucky there were supplies, because this lady loves to talk, and so do I. Our main interview ran almost one hour overtime and nothing was off limits. Her year cocaine binge, her love life with Lindsey and Mick, the music, her solo career — the lot — we talked about it all.

Fleetwood Mac: new album and tour will be our swansong

Stevie likes to be open and candid because she hopes her life might be a lesson to some of the Hollywood starlets making a mess of their private lives at the moment. This woman has been through it all, survived, is still singing and loving life. And Stevie can't wait to tour Australia. Next stop was the Hawaiian island of Maui that Mick Fleetwood has called home for a few years now.

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He has a magnificent lodge half way up a mountainside with sweeping views of the surf below. And here he can go hell for leather on the drums and there isn't a neighbour within hearing range who can complain. And Mick did just that for us. He hit the kit -belting away with all the power and emotion that helped him form this legendary band way back in the 60's.

Fleetwood Mac has reinvented itself a few times over, but Mick has always been there steering it through, finding new members and convincing the old ones to come back.